• Liquid cockroach

    Liquid cockroach

    Is for killing house crawling insects such as coackroach, ant,bedbug and so on you can spray this liquid with (More)

  • Drain clear

    Drain clear

    contains: 1200 grnumber in carton: 12 number (More)

  • surface cleaner

    surface cleaner

    Is for removing soot, fatness, all kind of surfaces (wall, floor and ceramic and...), all kind of office necessities(computer, (More)

  • About Us

    Welfare Chemical Industry Co. established in Qom in 1383 and obtained operation licenses from the Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Health and Medical Education began.

  • Products

     Insecticide products including: insecticide spray, cockroach spray insecticide tablet, powder beetle Cash, liquid cockroach, insecticide tablets electrical device and various cleaners Vshvyndh including: Cleansing versatile gas cleaner, glass cleaner liquid bleach toilet,dish liquid, removing incrustion, pipe-opener, carpt shampoo and fragrant maker is now a variety of products with trademarks Shahab, hojoom, XP, homex, delete canselproduces flowers. And the development plan in the near future various other products produced will.